New Website Launch for Leading Appraisal Management Company

If you want to know more about a company whose job it is to make the appraisal management process as compliant and smooth as possible for lenders and their customers, go now to the new website for Star Appraisal Management Company,

This new website, which launched on June 1st, highlights the benefits and features offered by Star Appraisal Management Company in the states they cover – Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota – states where they help their lenders create a dependable and trustworthy appraiser panel.

Also being launched are new websites for Credit Information Systems,, and, for Accurate Financial Services, which all fall under the same ownership.

Heather Russell-Schroeder, Owner and President, shared, “This new streamlined website will allow Star Appraisal Management Company to continue providing stellar service and will educate our clients on changes in the industry while facilitating the communication between the lenders and their appraisal panel.”

Marketing Director, Amy Blubaugh, is proud of the work the Subject Matter Experts at Credit Information Systems, Accurate Financial Services and Star Appraisal Management Company accomplish daily and feels the new websites reflect their efforts. “Our Teams provide an incomparable commitment and knowledge base to our clients and it’s evident by our leadership status in the risk management and appraisal management industries. The new websites are just a window into the dedication and loyalty of our employees and our clients.”

About the Company

Star Appraisal Management

Star Appraisal Management Company is a division of Credit Information Systems.

Star Appraisal Management Company provides a safe harbor for our clients by establishing a firewall between loan production and the appraisal function and compliance with the Frank-Dodd Act, all while keeping the appraiser free from any coercion.

Our flexibility allows clients to create a panel of appraisers they know and trust, or we can assist you in finding a qualified appraiser in a less familiar market.

At Star Appraisal Management Company, we ensure our appraisers possess the geographic and product competence required to deliver accurate and timely appraisal reports.

Our clients are loyal to us because quality and personal attention is given to every step of our operation in a timely manner.

Credit Information Systems

Credit Information Systems, Parent Company of Accurate Financial Services

Clients first – that’s the reason our ever-evolving, multi-generational family business has been an industry leader since 1915. We put our clients first by delivering accurate, quality information quickly and efficiently so they can service their customers in short order. Best of all, when our clients have questions, they know we will pick up the phone or reply to their email – immediately.

The Russell Family, owners since 1948, have been at the forefront of the credit reporting world by delivering information needed to make sound lending decisions as the industry continues to evolve. The dedicated staff members, many of which have been with the company over 25 years, bring their vast knowledge to assist the lending process and are committed to providing unequaled service.

Accurate Financial Services

Accurate Financial Services, a subsidiary of Credit Information Systems.

Established in 1998 by Linda Eagley and Kent Blankenship, Accurate Financial Services quickly became known as a credit industry expert, sourcing the years of knowledge Linda and Kent acquired while working for Equifax.

Accurate Financial Services established the rule of placing the client at the top of the organizational chart to ensure the finest service was always provided.

In 2014, Accurate Financial Services became a subsidiary of Credit Information Systems when Heather Russell-Schroeder partnered with Linda. Linda retired in 2018, and Accurate Financial Services became wholly owned by Credit Information Systems.

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